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AKA: tass
Born: 94
Stance: regular
Favourite Board: my flying sea badger! 5.7″
Favourite Wave: some of my funnest sessions in 21 years on planet earth have been at a cheeky beach right on the pinky of Cornwall, just before you drive off the Lands end. Don’t want anymore of a crowd there though! oh and ‘Macaronis’ in the mentawaiis ….
Sponsors: Vans, Fourth, Oneill wetsuits, Melon Optics, Robie robes, St.Ives Silver
A bit about you: I come from a big family and am one of 7 ridiculous siblings that make up the swallow fam. I’ve lived in St.Ives pretty much all my life, love my job and live to travel. Exploring the world, pushing my surfing and hopefully inspiring others along the way are amongst some of my ambitions
Random exciting stuff: I'm in the process of setting up my own business, SurfHouse St.Ives, check us out on faceyB!